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A tribute to L'Etna & L'Abominable Film Laboratories -
Curated by Maria Kourkouta

It is essentially an anthology of short, "handmade" films, the creators of which experiment with the boundaries between documentary, narrative and abstract cinema. Each brings the anxieties of its creator and all together the belief that the use of film in modern production is not only not impossible financially or anachronistically aesthetically, but absolutely necessary for the search for new ways of expression through the primary materials of cinema.

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Focus: Maria Kourkouta
Curated by Nina Veligradi

Maria was born in 1982 in northern Greece. After studying the history of the Balkans, she moved to Paris in 2006 where she now lives and works. In France, she did her doctoral research on the issue of rhythm in cinema. Since 2008, she has made many films, mainly in 16mm, at various independent artists' workshops in France (such as L'Etna and L'Abominable), where she was a member. Maria is a true cinematographer, handmade and self-managed artist. She comes to Greece and gets lost in the country making films alone

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